Let us create your layout

Our graphic designers could create your Artwork

1. Draw a little sketch of your requests

We would like a small sketch of your request. Feel free to draw by hand on top of a copy of the template. You can then scan your sketch and send it via email. You can also do a simple layout/explanation in e.g. Word.

2. Find your logo, photos, etc.

Submit all the files and information which are relevant to your layout. Here's a little checklist:

- Logo in vector (.ai, .eps)
- Photos in high resolution
- Colour codes
- Texts
- Fonts
- Design manual (if you have one)
If you do not have the items in question
- Don't worry, we will find a solution :)

3. Send your drawings and files
to your distributor

Du you have special request for your label?
Draw a simple sketch for our graphic designers.