The right screw cap colour
enhances your message

If you want to design the label of your branded water
to match the screw cap colour perfectly, read on.

Below, you can see which CMYK colours we recommend for your layout, if you want to match the label to your screw cap colour. Please note that the codes are our estimate and that screw cap colours may vary a bit. This is because the screw caps are produced with a minimum of pigment in order to reduce impact on the environment. As a result, the screw caps are slightly transparent.



Light blue

CMYK 68-8-2-0


CMYK 100-90-12-2


CMYK 12-100-81-3


CMYK 5-60-100-0


CMYK 11-4-80-0




White (Still)

CMYK 0-0-0-0

White (Sparkling)

CMYK 0-0-0-0

Black (Sparkling)

CMYK 20-20-20-100

Black (Still)

CMYK 20-20-20-100