Graphic layout for "Branded Water"

To avoid additional costs for graphical work/adjustment, follow this guide when delivering your layout file.

1. Download the template for your product

In all branding products’ descriptions, you will find a link to the template that fits that specific product. The link leads to a ZIP file, which typically contains templates for both Adobe Illustrator and Adobe InDesign ►

2. Your layout file must comply with the following:

1. Use only CMYK colours
2. Format: Print-ready PDF 300 DPI
3. All text must be outlined (guide)
4. No cutting marks
Minimum line thickness
Text/lines below 0.2 points cannot be expected to appear crisp and clear in the print.
Rules for use of the word "water"
(applies only to layout for logo water)
If you use the word water on your label, you can use the terms drinking water and water ONLY. You CANNOT use words like spring water, mineral water, aqua minerale, natural, fresh, spring or the like. In general, you cannot write anything about the contents of the bottle, as this information must be solely and unambiguously provided on the informative labelling.


3. We prepare your layout file for production

Several areas of the layout file may be affected by cropping, overlap and mandatory text. This is shown on the template. You cannot place your important elements such as logos, texts and illustrations here. However, you must let your background design continue out into these areas, so that cropping and overlaps will look as nice as possible. When we receive your layout file, we will verify that it meets the requirements. We will then add mandatory elements such as informative labelling. Barcode and possible deposit labels will always feature white backgrounds.


4. You must approve the production file

You will always receive the completed production file with our mandatory elements for approval by email. You must approve our production file before the order is initiated.


5. Need our help?
►Let us create your layout